Hi, my name isPerier Hugo.I’m a Software Developer.

I'm a 24 years old engineer !

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Hugo Perier, a french 24-year-old software engineer with a deep passion for programming.

I received my degree from Epitech Technology school and enjoy exploring various programming languages and frameworks. In addition to programming, I also have a few hobbies that keep me engaged and fulfilled. I am working on my pilot's license, I enjoy flying planes, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and cooking.

When it comes to software engineering, I find the design and development of software infrastructure to be particularly exciting. I'm also fascinated by the possibilities of big data and the potential applications of robotics in various industries. Currently, I'm working on a side project that involves creating a web-based solution for real-time control and analysis of robotics systems.

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Some of my Projects
Where I've Worked
July 2017Internship
Smart Traffik

My first experience as a programmer. I have been introduced to Big Data by taking appart for the development of a SaaS omnicanal platform analytics.

April 2019Internship
NRJ Global Region

A 5 month Internship during which I have been developing a web application for construction site and worker supervision for NRJ Global Region France

July 2020Freelance
La French Tech

A 3 month freelance mission on which I have worked in the website of La French Tech Mediteranee

September 2020Internship

I have been in charge of the development and the maintenance of the CERN Robotic Graphical User Interface, used for real time control of CERN's robots for diverse tasks in the particle accelerator. I also had the occasion to work on a mixed reality user interface for real-time robotic control, developed with Unity

February 2022Fellowship

Development of the new CERN's Product Life Management system. I am in charge of the development of a Hadoop powered cluster that is distributing computation of CAD data extraction, conversions, or management of its lifecycle. I am also developping a powerful software to run these jobs